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Item Name :Electric Juicer Bottle Cup

Material: Food Grade PC material food grade rubber seal stainless steel knife head

Volume: 500ml

Color: Red,purple,green,blue ,pink

Packing Size: 80 * 80 * 260mm

Material: Imported food-grade PC, ABS, silicone, stainless steel 304

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Voltage: DC5V

Motor speed: no-load 22000 RPM and load 15000 RPM


How to use:

1.Fully charge(About 3 hours) the battery before first time use

2.Cut the fruit or vegetables into 1.5*1.5cm square,place them into the bottle (fill 60% of the bottle),

  then pour milk or water fill 80% of its volume


3.Upside down the bottle ,let the blades free Quickly Hit the button Twice to Switch ON (just like the below photoes),shake 45� the smoothie will be fine and smoothieWhen smoothie is ok ,press button 1 time to switch OFF.

4.After 30-60 seconds,a cup of fresh juice is ready .


5.The blender Self-protection device ,switch OFF automatically after 90S, then press the button 1 time , then quickly      twice to switch ON.



Note note note!!!

Don't use the hot water to hot milk, can ONLY use the Room Temperature water or milk.

(The hot water or milk has air press , when the blades rotating will be danerous .)

1.Please turn off the power before charging ,Red light indicate charing in progress ,if did not turn off power and charge directly which will activate battery self protection and cause invalid charge (indicate blue light)

2. Don't use the bottle while charging.


3.Make sure the cup is properly tightened each time before pour liquid inside to avoid leaking.


4.Please do not put the connetor into water while washing.

5.Don't force the juicer to operate under heavy load to prevent overheat of electronic components, which may leads to reduction of life time of product.

6.Blade is sharp , pls Take it away from kids!!!
















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